Riggio – Not Just Another New Hawaiian Ukulele Maker!

I first met Phil about 9 years ago. He was working at King and Zelko when I got a job there. King and Zelko are no longer in business but they made high end custom furniture on the windward side of the island. I had been working with my brother and dad at Koolau ukulele for years and decided I wanted to build furniture, creative furniture, and King and Zelko were the best. But the job was the worst….

A Look into Ko’olau Guitar & Ukulele Company – 15 Years as Hawaii’s Custom Ukulele Shop

Much of Noa’s building knowledge simply came from growing up at Kitakis stringed instrument repair. He was changing tuners and strings at 10 years old.  As a teenager, he was already doing warrantied Martin neck-resets. Later, Noa attended schooling in Michigan with Dan Erliwine, and a few years after in California with Charles Fox. He had a passion for building. I remember him reading Guitar Maker magazine late at night and thinking up new ideas for jigs in his head.

Noa has studied and personally experimented with different tools, techniques, and materials. At the foundation of all great artists and craftsman is this pursuit of mastery. I have witnessed it first hand consume him and now am able to witness the results.

A look at Luna ‘Ukulele

What these new Luna ukes have is really special. And if you like that~ step outside of the box that make these otherwise traditional ukes so compelling, then don’t hesitate. After Joel sets these up, dresses the frets and does his final work, they are smokin’ the plain Jane for the same price! We have packs starting around $80 and even those sound great!

I had originally thought the Luna’s were going to be a hit because of the look. Actually, the unique designs keep them from selling at times, because they are very well voiced. It is not the aesthetic designs that sell these, it is the  sound and the feel.
Not everyone can be unconventional.  But, as you know,  not everyone can be conventional.

Here is some videos of the latest model, as well as a few staples of the line.

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The Pocket Ukulele!

Never before has an ukulele been so small! At about 16″ from top to bottom it is easy to raise an eyebrow at these new ukes from the Kala company. BUT this is is real musical instrument!I think Kala knew that to
The ukulele in the video is a solid Acacia model but looks suspiciously like Hawaiian Koa.? Which is a complement. Like saying a girl looks like a model.
So what is the advantage of having such a smaller uke? Well mainly they are just fun to play. Not too loud at night but still pretty sounding, and as Aaron says in the video, “just adorable”. It’s cute, no doubt about it. And then there is the obvious advantage of portability. Even in it’s deluxe carry case it will fit inside of your luggage!
The main thing that makes it all work is the sound. Their is no physical way for them to sound big. But they have good intonation, or “true” pitch as you go up the neck, and they play easier than you would suspect. After you think your uke collection is awesome Kala goes and makes a whole new size. This one will make your soprano jealous.

The Truth About Kanilea Ukulele

There is something advantageous about not being “#1”. Maybe they aren’t the oldest or biggest, but the companies or individuals clawing for the top are always the best. That’s what Kanilea has been doing for the last 10 years. Driven, not by money or prestige, but a genuine love of the craft, and a desire to give something that can inspire,  yet still making it attainable for us ukulele lovers that aren’t rich$.

The emergence of Kanilea is comparable to the way Taylor Guitars came up in the 90’s as a fresh alternative to the Martin or Martin-like acoustic. Refreshing new designs and sounds are irrefutably beautiful and loveable.
A collaborative push from Joe Souza and Bill Griffin has made the Kanilea wave undeniable. These two artist/musician/master luthiers have what Hawaiians call “the mana”, and of course the Koa! (Man, they got some nice logs!!)

~These Koa Ukuleles will outlast us, and their sound will only get greater. Practically nothing else out there you spend money on has that quality.~

As musicians we LOVE good instruments. And it’s hard to not, in turn, love their makers in that “I love you man” kind of way. They’ve made our lives better!

The Cordoba Tenor

Most guitar players know Cordoba from their super nice Classical guitars. That is how we first got to know of them. For years we have been completely sold on the value of their guitar line. Beyond looking great they sound…great. Cordoba has factories in Spain, Portugal, and Asia. I have always been most impressed with the Portugal factory even though their most expensive guitars are built in Spain. The Portuguese are a musical bunch. Living on the islands you learn that. Heck, the Portuguese invented and brought over the first incarnation of the ukulele.

Ukulele Care

There are only a few things to know so that you can insure your ukulele will last a long time and sound and play well. Laminated instruments take a bit of care, but solid wood instruments require more concern even under “normal circumstances”. First lets go over things that all ukuleles require.

3 Ukulele Clip On Tuners Reviewed

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