Pepe Romero Cigar Box Uke Prototype!

Check it out!! This is the second of two prototype Cigar Box Ukuleles that Pepe Romero recently made. We know Pepe makes a phenomenal, mini classical guitar style, tenor ukulele. A regular Romero… Continue reading

Tutorial -Singto Numchok’s “Ukulele… I Love You” – with Print out

Download and Print from PDFChords and Words for   –  “Ukulele…I love you” This is a great addition to any ukulele songbook so feel free to print it out from the PDF above.… Continue reading

A Visit from a Hawaiian Music Legend- Benny Chong!

Benny is a one-of-a-kind bee-boppin baritone jazz artist. Benny taught himself ukulele when he was a young kid but left it to be a professional guitarist for many years with Don Ho. One day he brought a baritone to the gig and at the end of the night Don told Benny, “Anytime you wanna play ukulele, it’s fine with me”…

Imua Garza – Artist Profile & Advanced Techniques

I first met Imua a few years back when we had Hawaii Music Supply in Wahiawa. Before I actually met him, though, I heard him across the store, in the keyboard section, Chick… Continue reading

The one thing you should know before buying an ukulele…

….I understand why most companies manufacturing ukes do not do this themselves. In the market, price rules. Everyone has a price point. So these companies, just like most online music stores, end up simply moving boxes in and out the door hoping never to see them again. The bean counters won’t allow a worker to sit there all day making $100 ukuleles play better…….

3 Master-built Hawaiians!

Everyone knows we don’t need an ukulele this nice. But we love them! We dream of how awesome it would be to get them. The combination of beauty and what we can do with them makes us feel so alive. I will liken it to a beautiful woman, that also happens to be a Master Chef. She doesn’t have to be beautiful to appreciate her food, but it doesn’t exactly hurt. I personally LOVE taking ukes like these in the photo room. It’s glorious! My gratitude goes……

How hard is it to play Ukulele?

My wife and I have owned Hawaii Music Supply for about eight years now. For the first five years I did most of the in-store assisting of customers. At the time, Mike was running… Continue reading

Ukulele -The New Guitar! – A Pepe Romero Review

Here, Pepe Romero has shrunk a classical guitar! And, they would compete with guitars in the low mid frequency range where most ukes are non existent. Yet there is a crystal clean articulation, and even a reverberated sustain that comes out as you attack the higher range. It reminds me of the high notes on a grand piano.

Not many people can say they own a Pepe Romero ukulele. But within less than two years they have gotten a lot of notoriety. Some musicians owning a Pepe Romero ukulele that you may have heard of include, Daniel Ho, Jake Shimabukuro, Eddie Vedder, Paula Fuga, and Jack Johnson. Ever heard of them?

So, how do I feel about Pepe Romero’s ukuleles?

Nedward Ka’apana caught in Action!

I say caught because Ned is one of those great players that you couldn’t find a video of online. You can learn some about Ned from his brother’s website   –

As teenagers, Led and his twin brother Ned and cousin Dennis Pavao formed the Hui Ohana, one of the hottest groups of the 70s and 80s and now legendary among Hawaiian musicians.

So Nedward is Ledward’s twin brother! They grew up in Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii. Playing music was what they did. There were no video games, there was no cell phones and iPads. They took music traditional Hawaiian music to another level. Ned left that ambition and now teaches ukulele to kid’s. Truly a nice man and I am glad to showcase him here at The Review.