Tuning the Ukulele with an Oahu clip on tuner

This is IMHO the very best clip on tuner for the ukulele. It has one button so you can not end up on the wrong setting, and it has a great big, bright screen to read the notes.

Ukulele Review – Koolau C100 Myrtle wood

This uke was not as boomy it’s tenor big brother we had in recently, but it has a wonderful warm balance of tones.

Hawaiian Ukulele Makers – Shop tour of the Koolau Ukulele Company

my usual trip to Ko’olau Ukulele company to check out what these passionate instrument makers have in the works and what makes their ukes sound so good.

How to string your ukulele

āžŠ Unwind from tuning key until string is able to be pulled out freely.

Ukulele Review, Hawaiian Ash Wood, Koolau Tenor Ukulele:)

We just picked up this very nice tenor Ko’olau ukulele. Hawaiian Ash top back and sides, Koa binding and headstock, and dark rich rosewood fingerboard and bridge.This uke just has a really warm sound.

Review – Kanilea Ukulele, Satin Soprano, Concert,Tenor

Kanilea is a Hawaiian Ukulele company that is consistently giving the world excellent ukulele’.

Abe Lagrimas stops by the shop!

Abe Lagrimas Jr. stopped by our store, Hawaii Music Supply, recently .It is always a treat to see Abe so I was really happy to film him jamming in our acoustic room.