Pono Pro-Classic Tenor Mahogany – MHT – Nick Sierra demo

The new Pono Pro Classic series is providing the ukulele market with an instrument that is equal in quality to high end custom instruments, and still staying in the 5-700 dollar range

Kalei Gamiao – “Mach 4”

Here is a performance of an original from Kalei. This one will knock you off your socks!

Koolau CE-2 demo by Mike Love and Koolau CE-1 demo by Aaron Crowell and John Gonzalez

The Ko’olau Ukulele company have been perfecting their electric CE tenor ukulele model for nearly 10 years now. The result is an amazing instrument with lots of advantages.

Lessons – Ukulele Harmonics – Kalei Gamiao -Custom Kamaka

You know harmonics are cool, but Kalei Gamiao either shows or reminds us just how beautiful they sound, as well alternate techniques to work with.

Kimo Hussey – Ukulele Sensei

Kimos’ musical wisdom was matched by his intuitive teaching. He can play different styles but his signature “Uncle Kimo style” is rooted in the chord melodies he makes and the expression of his right hand.

Koolau KS Soprano (standard) ukulele – Koa

The guys at Koolau have somehow managed to make a Hawaiian koa ukulele at the price most of us here can afford.

Player Profile – Kalei Gamiao

Kalei Gamiao could very well be the next young man to get you excited about the ukulele. He composes in a style that keeps you enthralled, even at the edge of your seat at times.

Kala KA-SSTU Solid Spruce Thin Body Ukulele – Amazing people daily!

The SSTU series from Kala is unique in the sense that “that much sound” can come from a body so thin. Almost every day in our store people are suprised by the volume… Continue reading

Ukulele Review – Kala Exotic Mahogany – Good Value Ukulele:)

For that price you are getting an ukulele that sounds nice, plays well, and looks good as well! That’s what we call value.

The Beginning of the Ukulele

In 1879, the ‘ukulele, which was called a Braguinha (a 5-string instrument, with tuning similar to our modern ‘ukulele) came from Braga, Portugal, and made the long voyage to Honolulu, Hawaii.