After building and repairing instruments off and on for about 10 years, my wife and I started Hawaii Music Supply in 2004.  I have had the pleasure of seeing and playing many ukes in all price ranges and helping many people learn more about the ukulele, how it relates to the guitar, the different sizes, string options, and many other subjects regarding building, repairing, etc. I wanted to start this website to give ukulele beginners, and active enthusiast a place to learn, and be inspired. Aaron has been teaching at Hawaii Music Supply for about 4 years now and will be helping us along our way. We will be visiting other teachers and filming performances from many different players.

Many studies have been done within the past 10 years that show playing music benefits children in many ways. It aids academic aptitude in mathematics, science, and the arts, increases scholastic participation, and cultivates concentration and focused listening. Studies have also shown playing music actually improves the health and happiness of adults and seniors, much like exercise does. No other instrument is as convenient and beautiful as the ukulele. We help promote the ukulele and feel proud of our role in making the world a better place! – Andrew , Hawaii Music Supply (808)622-8000