The Most Beautiful Uke in the Room

This is a new instrument from the Ko’olau custom shop. It’s a CS model tenor with an all koa body, koa binding, koa faceplate , and for the first time from Ko’olau, a one piece koa neck.

In the past few years the CS has become my favorite model ukulele. Why? – #1 reason is the rich, sustaining tone and balance all over the neck. Factors for this may be the all hyde glue construction, shape and bracing, compound radius top, and all the other specs, but more than anything, it’s the skill of two builders, Noa Bonk and Ryan Condon. They show a meticulous craftsmanship rarely seen. It’s a  treat to play this qualtiy. To me, ukes like this represent the finer things in life. Like food from a famous chef, it “hits the spot” in a unique way.

So Corey came by last night, says, “I heard a song on the drive up and think it’ll work on ukulele.” So he gets on my phone, goes to youtube,  and figures it out while I set up to record. I give him the usual, “You need to figure it out before we record…”  Every time, he just barely squeezes out these musical thought’s while I have multi-camera HD running. But he’s a great  player, and when you pair that with a great instrument…it’s worth the time to share-

I have been asked before if koa makes a good tone wood or if it’s just popular because of the look. Koa is not the “best” soundboard for range or volume. But based on the builder and the player, Koa wood is arguably “the best” choice . It might be what you like.

What is your opinion of Koa?

Do “looks” matter?

Make a comment…why not-