New Gretsch Ukulele- Review and Sound Sample

“We look to help”…What does that mean?

When Aaron and Mike and I talk about “business”, we don’t talk about sales pitches, upsells or any of that.  Never.  We brainstorm on what people need and what we can offer (within the ukulele realm that we dwell). Beyond the educational projects that we work on , the first and most significant way we can help you is with our conscious discernment and unbiased promotion.

If I were given a million dollars to buy more ukes for the store… I would mostly just explore more custom builders.  Offering every affordable brand would be a disservice to your time, a roadblock to your  musical accomplishments, an obstruction to your enjoyment.  Too dramatic?  LOL!  Basically, certain models give a better value and that is what we focus on.

With that said, I’m here to tell you…this new ukulele line from Gretsch is excellent. For the price range, I would even say amazing.  Feast your eyes and ears on these rusticly fresh new ukes from Gretsch!

In our Post NAMM 2012 blog I wrote:

From all of the new ukes popping up on the market the only new import line that impressed me was Gretsch.

So we put in an order, and waited, and waited… I started to wonder if they would even look and sound like what I had seen. Well, they just came in and are as I remembered!  Great sound. Many laminate ukes are stepping it up. This one has some help from a bone nut and saddle and scalloped bracing that looks well done. They really nailed the vintage vibe. Rough final grit sanding on stained mahogany with a smooth finish and feel. So cool. Check out this tenor-

Gretsch is re-entering the ukulele market to seriously compete. These are both affordable and well built. The Soprano is 100 and up to 130 for the tenor online. That includes a gig bag!

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See specs and more from the New Gretsch Ukulele Line here
Have you tried these new models yet?  What were your thoughts?  Any vintage Gretsch owners?