The Ukulele – Still Fighting for Respect?

I never liked plastic ukes. My dad thought they were cool. He always had a “TV Pal” hanging along side vintage Hawaiian ukes. I guess for those that lived in their hayday it… Continue reading

A New Breed of Ukulele Players

When ukulele first hit the scene about a hundred years ago it was a cool, hip thing to have. A San Fransisco music store advertisement from 1915 read: The Hawaiian Ukulele is the… Continue reading

Pono Factory Tour~

“Keep it Pono” is local for, do it right, or show excellence in what you do. For Ko’olau owner John Kitakis,  affordable excellence has been a search and struggle. But the light at… Continue reading

7 Ukulele Highlights -NAMM 2013

What is it about the ukulele that makes it so attractive? The size, or shape? The intimate tone and feel? Maybe those things and hundreds of others. The ukulele is popular for many good… Continue reading

Keli’i Ukulele and Why We No Longer Sell Them

A year or two back I wrote a blog titled “The Truth about Kanilea”. It was just a grabbing title because the conclusion of the review was that they were a great company.… Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Uke in the Room

This is a new instrument from the Ko’olau custom shop. It’s a CS model tenor with an all koa body, koa binding, koa faceplate , and for the first time from Ko’olau, a… Continue reading

Start With a Tenor – Top 4 under 400!

New players that come into the store or visit us online can feel overwhelmed with options. Where to start?  One way is to first determine the size. The smallest and original ukulele size… Continue reading

Red String and a Blue Mic-

In this blog I’m going to discuss two topics. They’re seemingly unrelated, yet both can be heard in the video below. The first is  the new and improved Aquila Red Plain Low G  review… Continue reading

Ukulele Strings – Nutshell and New

1.Aquila’s are the most popular and probably best in the tension/volume ratio. D’addario’s new version Nyltech , made in conjunction with Aquila, have a slightly higher tension but better articulation and often better intonation. I predict those becoming more popular as people try them.
2.100% percent Fluorocarbon. Many string companies, 100% same material……..

New Gretsch Ukulele- Review and Sound Sample

If I were given a million dollars to buy more ukes for the store… I would mostly just explore more custom builders.  Offering every affordable brand would be a disservice to your time, a roadblock to your  musical accomplishments, an obstruction to your enjoyment.  Too dramatic?  LOL!  Basically, certain models give a better value and that is what we focus on.

With that said, I’m here to tell you…this new ukulele line from Gretsch is